Financial Freedom Is Possible When You Use Your Time And Energy Wisely. It’s Important to Dream and much more Crucial that you Live Them.
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The Levantine corner or the Shami Corner has been named as to the fact that, this corner faces the State of Sham. Also known as the Rukn e Gharbi, this is the corner of the Kaaba that comes after Hijr Ismail.
Melbourne Institute of Vocational Studies(MIVS) is a private provider of Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs run by its board; the board has Executive Management experience with a goal to deliver qualified personnel in our training Arena. MIVS is established in 2015, meeting the changing demands of employers and students. For this reason, MIVS is a modern and responsive educational institution that produces excellent students. MIVS is delivering quality training and assessment and is able to adapt to client needs as required.